First things First

Hi there!

Starting things off can be so hard sometimes can’t it? I’ll admit I was a little nervous to start blogging for a few reasons, one of them in particular was based around other people’s opinions of me, no one likes feeling judged! However I decided to suck it up and give it ago.

People as individuals go through so much that other people may never even know about, sometimes we decide not to talk about things because we think it’s not a big enough deal or that no one cares or understands. The truth is someone, somewhere is probably going through something incredibly similar if not the same as you! This is part of the reason I thought maybe i’d give blogging a go, maybe something I’ve been through has effected someone else similarly and hearing about someone else’s experience might help them not to feel alone. It could be anything from Health and Beauty, to Relationship troubles or problems at school or work. I’ve always enjoyed and always been a good ‘agony aunt’ and maybe if I’d found something like this to help me through some of my problems things may have seemed a little easier knowing I wasn’t alone!

I hope maybe my blog will interest you and that you stick around for the ride! I guess I’ll kind of be using this as both a creative and an emotional outlet. I’m not ashamed to say I have struggled with my Mental Health in the past and it’s still something that occasionally decides to pop back up for an unwelcomed ‘Hello!’. One of the things the Doctors suggest during the early stages of diagnosis is to keep a diary, well I tried this for about two days but I felt a bit of a donut writing in a diary so I didn’t keep it up, I’m hoping writing in a blog might serve this purpose too and I won’t feel so lame doing so.

Well I suppose I shall stop jibber-jabbering for now and I’ll wrap this up, so TTFN. I hope you stick around!




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